Sunday, November 01, 2009


The People’s Health Movement is an organism with presence in more than 90 countries around the world. Its aim is to claim for the accomplishment of “Health for all now” intending health as a broad concept that includes the access to culture and aesthetic expression.
Last year, the PHM and I accorded to articulate our skills and resources in the context of my coming travel project: Argentina to Alaska by Americycle (and hitch-hiking, of course). The trip, taking some 18 months comprehends at least two defined cultural projects. The first contemplates the organization of free educational events in schools, villages and communities. These events will focus in inter-cultural understanding, by means of story telling and photo exhibitions. Sharing the episodes of hospitality and everyday life of distant cultures, I hope to foster tolerance and peace. To assist this challenge, the PHM has recently donated a wonderful pocket projector. It will allow me organize conferences for kids and adults regardless their school or institutions owns a projector or not.

Another dimension of my coming expedition is to document the mining conflicts and their social and environmental impact. Transnational mining companies have settle all across the Andes, extracting gold, uranium and other minerals by hazardous methods that poison community water and increase cancer risk. The projector will be a good tool to display documentaries on the subject in each visited community.

Also this week, I finally purchased the paniers (70 lts) for the Americycle (I will show you the picture when the assambling process finishes). La Maga (my 80 lts backpack) will go in the front. Its decided. No way I can leave La Maga behind, after hitching with her from Ireland to Thailand....


Brian Bikes said...

Fantastic message & mission your on, thanks for sharing with us. Peace on the quest to move! ~Brian P ~ South Korea

Juan Pablo Villarino said...

Thanks for your comment.

I am richt now checking out your challenge on your web.


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Eduardo Real said...

Juan: Hace unos días descubrí tu blog, y la verdad que te envidio. Allá por el 2004 tenía pensado encontrarme con unos amigos en Uzbékistan, pero después arrugué y me quedé en casa. Fue justo en los días que las Viudas Negras del Cáucaso voltearon 2 aviones cerca de Sochi. Así que mejor no.

Pero de cualquir modo me mandaron unos doppis uzbekos (tyubiteyka en ruso). Te lo puedo cambiar por una pakola afghana :)

Sigo leyendo...

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