Sunday, November 02, 2008

Time to clean the backpack!

A neccesary laundry session for "La Maga", my backpack. La Maga is named after a character of Julio Cortázar´s novel "Hopscocht".


kamøløsø said...

the magic! :)
how many litres is it? =)
and why lots of people carry 2 bag, instead of one?

i am sory for my curiosity, :), i cant stop myself from asking questions...

Juan Pablo Villarino said...


The Magic is a Berghaus Khumbu. It has 80 liters.

The reason why I carry 2 backpacks is that the small one (Nikko Racer 20 lts) carries camera, laptop, money and passport. In this way I can leave the big one with only clothes and sleeping bag wihtout being worried about loosing expensive stuff...

we keep in touch! your questions are welcome

kamøløsø said...

thank you very much!
your answer was very usefull for me.
i searched some local markets in istanbul. i couldnt find a good backpack that is already a little cheap like your Wizard! lots of them were like 490 Dolars(!).
i need to look more to find a backpack.
and i think i also need to to some exercises to have a strong shoulder like you :) . it seems like it must be very hard to carry all the stuff on your backpack.
i have thousands of things to learn.
thanks again!
best Regards