Friday, May 07, 2010


La Maga - my backpack- waiting by the roadside in Londres, a small town in Catamarca Province, curiously named after a Tudor wedding in the XVII century.

Antonio Avar, skilfull tapesry maker from Belén, another famous town in the region. His family hosted my for two nights.

On the way to Andalgala, town which is sit of the resistance against La Alumbrera Gold Mine.

I would sit in a park to share a piece of bread, if I would ever find a soulmate sensible to the beauty of the open road. I was very close to finding it, but I didn`t know that.

At a place called Chumbiche, I camped in a park and lighted a cigar, a gift from a journalist friend of mine from Buenos Aires. I put some Bacanic music in my netbook. I semed a hostt to an invisble party. I was curious how would the scene evolve would a policeman arrive to check my documents....

From Chumbicha to Mutkin, I got a ride in this 1960 Jeep. The guy was manager of the provincial gas company.

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