Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Forth Bridge, the biodiesel powered van, and Kinghorn´s organic farm

The Forth Bridge, that grants passage to the County of Fife. Just before the bridge we found Adam's Mercedes van. Adam was a artesian, a bohemian didjeridoo player, and was just back from six months away in India. Acordingly, hi van was powered by biodiesel.

Inn his humble house Adam performs his favourite instrument. He toured Scotland as a nomad with it, appearing even in newspapers! When he feels like, he climbs to his own tree house and plays for the birds....

Adam and James watch their plants with motherly care.

Dining with Kat and James, a couple of organic farmers who were Adam's neighbors. They dreamt of living in a yurt.... Truly, two rainbow warriors.

The farm`s headquarters and the Mercedes van.

So the both the farm and the van were organic... I was obliged to telll my new friends that despite I find a van fueled by vegetable oil a great idea, the desertification caused by soya massive cropping in Argentina is definitely not a superb "organic" outcome...

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