Tuesday, January 10, 2006


A shoe maker from the bazaar of Deir ez Zor struggles with the Hi-Tech that after 7 months of travelling and a whole previous year, were already asking for an SOS. Those boots were used to go to work while I was living in Belfast. On those cloudy days ( because of that bloody Irish rain) I had a bike without brakes (not to mention that the front wheel was not very straight, so that every little hill was a whole adventure) so I had to use my boots to stop the bike. They, they were used on Argentinian roads, having the most glorious moment when they arrived to Laguna Brava (4230 msnm) in La Rioja. When they arrived to the Sirian dessert the SOS could not be postponed…and for 20 cents of a dollar the man did a reasonable job.

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