Sunday, October 19, 2008


On arrival to Jachal, our local contact, Pedro Robledos, quickly gave us a tour of the place. Not the kind of tours where you tick off monuments and sights, but a revolutionary one. He was involved in all local issues in the way you would advice anybody to be, and exlpained us the whole conflict with Barrick Mining Company, among the different foreign companies that have established mines to extract gold. In exchange for a few jobs, the mines polute the rivers which are vital for agriculture in the region. And of course they have teamed up sociologists and pasicologists to convince the population they the commit a sustainable and harmless activity...

But you can see what people actually thinks...

A painting exhibition in town. If you get close you can see the hopeless faces of this family.

Steven discussing different issues with the artist.

Pedro and his friends, from jachal, San Juan Province, Argentina. He was a great host!

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