Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weath nostalgia

The Molino Sardinia is guarded by his last carer, Don Chicho, who is 80 years old and talks soflty about the times in which the nearby road was full of trucks waiting to load the essential grain.

Houses around Pampa del Chañar, San Juan, Argentina.

There was a time when Jachal was a prosperous wealth producing region. Evidences from this period are not immediately obvious nowadays. Driving in the direction of Pampas del Chañar, houses that look suspectufuly large and sturdy start to emerge in the dusty landscape. Before the Pampas region positioned as the main exporting region, Jachal sent its loads of grains to Chile and Bolivia. In the 1900s, when the railway connected the Pampas to rest of the country, the region became logistically isolated and decline. Still, the mills used to process wealth can be seen.

After 50 years working....still there. i think I couldn´t possibly work in the same place for more than five months, and would definetly not stay for fun in my workplace for ten or twenty years, I guess he is making some overtime...

All the machinery inside the mill had been imported from Germany.

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