Friday, October 16, 2009


Paula and I at Merinos' old -and derelict- railway station.

As usual, I prefer unspecific hitch-hiking signs. In this case "Conociendo Uruguay", which stands for "Getting to know Uruguay".

A group of drunken shearers were the first we made contact with. They suggested we could camp by the town's club, but imagining people around there would be even more drunk at night, we kept searching for options....

Stores still bear advertisng signs from at least three decades ago.

Old high roof houses abound in small towns. Their style is quite similar to the ones in Argentina.

When we asked Baldomir, the town's only policeman, where we could camp. we couldn't know he was going to offer us his house....

... and he went further and pointed there was some meet in the refrigerator we could cook. Some meet ment almost an entire sheep!

Since he had to live on duty to a nearby town, we were left alone at the place. The fire was on, so we use it to grill the sheep meet. Unbelievably there was also wi-fi connection.

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