Saturday, July 10, 2010


Laura and I in Alemania, a tiny town in Northern Argentina. That was the place were we decided to continue together the hitch-hiking round the world trip I had started alone in 2005. After visiting 46 countries, I happened to find my road and soul mate in my homeland...

Our two backpacks sharing a roadside. The sign reads "Feliz Viaje" which translates as "Happy travels!".... Right now our plan is to start the American stage of the round the world trip in Ushuaia, Southern Argentina. After that we will bounce and travel north all the way across Latina America to Mexico, the US, Canada and Greenland, where we aim to end our trip.

Laura portrayed over a load of mud bricks, carried by the truck that gave us a lift. Bricks are construction items, such as our drems and the power we feel after having found each other.

Villager from Jasimaná, a tiny community hipotetically reached after walking 10 hours from Cafayate. He wanted to recover quechua language so we promised to arrange the donation of Spanish-Quechua dictionaries for him. All the people in the area are goat shepherds.

From Cachi to San Antonio de los Cobres we got a ride in this 1972 Ford Falcon driven by two crazy French students on their South American tour. It was a rough ride over a gravel road that climbs up to staggering 4.985 meters in Abra del Acay section. One of the roughest rides ever!

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