Friday, November 12, 2010


So were hitch-hiking in the gloomy outskirts of Caleta Olivia when a Toyota pick up pulled by. We would have accepted the ride regardless its destination jus to evade walking with a front wind of 60 km/h... Anibal, the driver, was going towards Puerto Deseado, which implied a detour of 120 km from National Route 3. We were bound for San Julián, where we expected to give a conference at Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral, but of course we said yes after Anibal arranged accomodation with a couple of phone calls.


Old Magallanic arquitecture at Jaramillo town, in the way to Puerto Deseado. Facón Grande, heroe of 1921 sheep farmers revolt, died in this dusty town.

Our backpacks were still in Anibal's truck when we jumped of to tell our story at Puerto Deseado main radio station.

Puerto Deseado' history is quite linked with the construction of a rail networked which aimed to reach Nahuel Huapi Lake on the Andes, but never went further than Las Heras. When the line was lifted people defended the reamins from ravaging politicians. They keep this wagon from 1898 as if it were new.

Puerto Deseado boasts the only lighthouse church of South America. Worth visiting, though it was impossible to climb the stairs due to the strong Patagonian winds.

When we told our story to the Tourist Office they didn't hesitate and honoured as with a free city tour in the Secretary of Tourism private car :-) Thomas Cavendish gave the town its name after his ship: Port Desire. Well, we didn't have any desire of reaching Port Desire, and maybe that's the key, not to harbour desires and just let the road and hitch-hiking guide you....

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