Monday, August 29, 2011


 Our experience in the Paraguayan Mennonite Chaco, quite surprised to find a Hindenburg Avenue in the middle of the harsh enviroment... In the picture, the "Cooperativa". If you are German, then you can become a member. If you are not a member, forget about healthcare, education, etc..

The main city in the area is Filadelfia (German name: Fernheim). Note the traditional architecture. It doesn`t look at all like the rest of Paraguay. 

Special paths for bikes, another Germanic innovation in a country doomed by traffic chaos..

People in Filadelfia were celebrating Eastern behind closed doors. A Christian celebration meant to share evolved into a very private event here. So we just hit the road and hitched a lift, decided to explore the network of Mennonite villages around Filadelfia. We would accept all rides. And that's how we got to know Martha and her family.  Martha is a social worker from neighboring Heimstatte. We stayed at her place for three, visited their lands and cattle. We were really surprised at Martha's awareness of issue like single mothers. She was quite a revolutionary lady considereing her enviroment, always encouraging her community to create fair links with Paraguaya society.

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