Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The book at Mar del Plata´s Book Fair

"Vagabundeando en el Eje del Mal", the Spanish version of "Vagabonding in the Axis of Evil", my last book based on my hitch-hiking journey across Turkey, Syria, Irak and Afghanistan has just been printed. I had the chance to promote it inside the Book Fair that takes place every year in Mar del Plata´s Hotel Provincial. Above, you can see the ad of my book presentation.

With the Wizard, my backpack, and the Michelin World Map I have always carried with me showing the route of the trip. In my hands, the new book, that will soon be in English as well. It was a pleasure to be there, meeting all those readers that for years have followed my chronicles in La Capital newspaper, now meeting them face to face... You can order the Spanish version of the book online at www.acrobatadelcamino.com/vagabundeando.html

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kamøløsø said...

it is wonderfull! i am really exited about the English version.
by the way i am going to start a small hitchhiking travels. and i really wondered the ingredents of Wizard :) . i know what to carry, while travvelling on bike, but i dont really know what to carry, while long time hitchhiking.
best regards!