Monday, December 22, 2008

Buenos Aires, meeting point for travel writers...

I have spent a few weeks in Buenos Aires, where I have been quite busy both getting the new printed Spanish version of my book (Vagabundeando en el Eje del Mal) and selling the old one in the cafés at Palermo area. Being in the big city also allowed me to meet in real life fellow travel writers, mostly in -or just back from- long term traveling.
In the picture, you can see me with Herman and Candelaria Zapp, whose journey from Argentina to Alaska in a 1928 Graham Paige has inspired hundreds to hit the road. The weird biike in the picture is an oniricycle. And it will be my vehicle in the next leg of my round the world trip, from Argentina to Alaska, from Feb 09. I hope tthe meeting with the Zapp family brings luck to my humble vehicle.... Herman and Candelaria website:

I also met Katja and Augustas, who have been on the road for two years, on a journey they started in México and completed southwards by thumb. Katjia (Germany) and Augustas (Lithuania) report their journey in Katjia is now prepearing a book they hope to sell as they continue traveling....

I attended an informal meeting organized by Pablo and Ana Rey ( They have been 8 years on the road, in a Mitsubishi van. Their journey through Africa has been really impressive, and they have put it down in a book they offer through their website, though it may be difficult to find where to clic!

Ezequiel Fernandez traveled from Argentina to Mexico on a 1979 Renault 6... as he likes to say "looking for my way" . He is now about to publish a book titled "Con la nave" (With the ship) that will soon offer online (Spanish version only) at

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