Tuesday, August 18, 2009


An obvious of conversation was prohibitions. The guys say adults don’t want them to drink, but beer has somehow become tolerated, unlike whiskey or wine. So far the list of sins is predictable: adultery, alcohol, etc. However, Mennonites can surprise with a unique universe of condemnable items and activities.
Nobody would think tractors tyres are harmful, but all tractors here are deprived of their rear tyres. Maybe it is a precaution to make it harder for a teenager to leave the colony. Almost all items derived from technological advances of the twentieth century are banned, such as cars, mobile phones and computers. So is music. Despite this, we have seen a couple of guys with MP3s. Jacob, one of the guys, admits he secretly listens to music. When I enquire what genre of music he likes most, he is surprised at the whole idea of genres, and says he only listens once and again to the only CD he was able to get, some sort of Mexican music.

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