Sunday, August 16, 2009


When something exotic flourishes in distant latitudes, it surprises gently. The adrenaline of the truly exotic comes when the unseen arises around the corner. That’s what I felt last week when visiting the Mennonite colony of Nueva Esperanza, in the Argentinean province of La Pampa.

We exited Bahía Blanca towards Guatraché, the closest town. In the ay, we can see the typically rural landscape configuration of the Pampas: broad horizons, uninterrupted plains, perpendicular windmills with metallic spikes, and cows and cows, symbols of the richness of a few landowners. From time to time a tiny town, with its weathered red brick houses of tall roofs… The wind arouses dry bushes to roll over the plain, and dust filters through our car ventilation system. Focused in the meteorological adversity we forget we are crossing invisible cultural boundaries.


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