Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Travelling is the eternal chase of the horizon. Horizon could fairly be the name of a wounded animal that leaves its tracks... After such prey I left Andalgalá, Argentina towards the Bolivian border across Tucumán, Salta and Jujuy provinces. On the picture: La Maga portrayed with a tank of holy water while camping in the church of Bermejo, Bolivia.

Loaded with tree trunks this Ford F-100 pick up gave me a lift from Andalgalá to Aconquija, across the Cuesta de Chilca.

Landscape in the Cuesta de Chilca, Catamarca Province.

My driver from Concepción to San Miguel de Tucumán in the company of a goose, and with his Renault Megane in the back.

Charly and Diego, two fellow hitch-hikers who hosted me in San Miguel de Tucumán.

Tucumán city is really poles apart from the expectations of colonial city many travellers harbour.

Murga taking place during a sexual tolerance rally in Tucumán.

Hitching a ride in a school bus taking the children home after classes in Guemes, Salta Province, Argentina.

Member of the road construction team using a theodolite, near Pampa Blanca. Jujuy Province.

Border corssing from Aguas Blanca (Argentina) to Bermejo (Bolivia)

Yungas is the name of the high altitude jungle sprawling from Northenrn Argentina into Bolivia.... There go my steps.

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