Tuesday, June 01, 2010


The scene takes place in Tarija. One of my aims while in Bolivia is to find out the concrete and real effects of the changes introduced by Evo Morales beyond the symbolic dimension. It's true he has vindicated the native people, the rights of the indigenous communities. During my trip I will try listn from this people of their lifestyle and economy have improved as well. I have no prejudices or suspicions. Just a writer in search of reality beyond headlines.

Another all together different challenge for me was hitch-hiking in Bolivia. I was honestly sure if it was going to work. Odds were aganist me and the traditional comment about Bolivia is that all drivers and trucks ask for money. However, I found out that backpackers in Bolivia take the bus right away and don't make any attempt to hitch-hike. They assume hitch-hiking is impossible just because bus fares are really cheap. In the picture, a 1948 Willys Jeep that gave me a ride from Tarija. It's my personal record of antiquity.

Tarija is one of the richest cities of Bolivia and that's where I found this Hummer...

Cholita is the word that designates women from the countryside in the Andean world.

Globalized world: a Colombian black metal band in concert in Tarija. The organizer of the event was my Cuchsurfing host.

Chapacos is how the people from Tarija province call themselves. Here a man chewing coca leaves...

Markets are the soul of Bolivian cities. Also, they a re a cheap place for travellers to eat healthy food.

Tarija prefecture was about to celebrate elections. Conservative sectors were afraid the Evo Morales lead MAS (Movement towards Socialism) would gain more power in a traditionally autonomous region.

I am really jelaous of the Bolivians. They have cheap food almost everywhere meanwhile in Argentina we ecport food to the resto of the world but going out for dinner is a luxury. I prefer countries were food is conceived in a humble way as a necessity and it's not overprized.

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