Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The new book (Spanish Version) and its consequences

Vagabuendeando en el Eje del Mal - Redescubriendo Irak, Iran y Afganistán a dedo is the Spanish version of "Vagabonding in the Axis of Evil - Redecovering Irak, Iran and Afghanistan by hitch-hiking". With 176 pages it is my first published book, and it is availbale in libraries across Argentina. When I continue my round the world trip, in febraury 09, I will continue to sell more humble, self-publshed versions in order to keep me traveling.

The book, in the shelves of Alejandría Libros, Mar del Plata, during the Book Fair.

Official presentation of the book, in the Teatro Auditorium´s Bodega space. The event was conducted by writer, and former editor of my weekly column in La Capital newspaper, Fernando del Rio. You can see The Wizard (my backpack) seated next to me.

Buenos Aires, december 16th. Presentation of the book at MU Cultural Centre, and picture exhibition. Some 80 people attended the event.

People trying to make sense of the nearly 600 pictures I dared to project on big screen during the event. Pictures showed meaningful moments of my 27 months long hitch-hiking expedition from Ireland to Thailand via Middle East and Afghanistan.

Signing books in Mar del Plata´s Rotary Club, who invited me to exhibit the same pictures in their venue in the cities harbour.


Anonymous said...

Juan, mi nombre es Florencia, tengo 33 y actualmente vivo en Neuquén. Soy periodista y una viajera que hace un tiempo, por trabajo y cosas de la vida, hizo un impasse en sus travesías. Salgo sí mucho en bicicleta y junto a un grupo de ciclistas recorremos Río Negro y Neuqué lo más que podemos.
Pero ahora, posiblemente en mayo, viaje a Francia. Entonces quería preguntarte si me podés recomendar alguna rut para hacer con mochila, alojamientos y toda la data que vos sabes necesitamos los viajeros.
Te paso mi correo: flolazzaletta@yahoo.com.ar.
Desde ya muchas gracias! espero tu correo cuando puedas. Besos

Katie H said...

What a fantastic idea!

I don't know why the thought of lectures and such has never come to me for hitchhikers, when it's absolutely natural for sailors or mountaineers. Brilliant. You seem to be doing what I do when sharing hitching stories: showing people the good and goodwill of the world, upon which you trust when surrendering to serendipity and following the diatoms.

I hitch partly to reaffirm my faith in humanity.

You inspire the same!

swedess ( cs in gothenburg)

Juan Pablo Villarino said...

Hi Kate,

interesting how we all arrive to a similar wisdom...

I also hitch to restore my faith in humanity....

After travelling in Irak and AFghanistan... I do feel my empaty took root in a concrete basis, in real experiences lived while hitching...

Anonymous said...

Write to me, please :-)I had the worst year in my life

Anonymous said...


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Talk to you soon,


Juan Pablo Villarino said...

Hi Sylvan,

drop me e-mail at


Of course we can exchange links, but I couldn´t find the Links menu in your site.

keep in touch
Juan Villarino

kamøløsø said...

it must be one of the most remarkable time for a human to see his own book in the shelves. the pictures are just great. i wish i was there, to get a signed book, to listen your speech...
Best Regards.

Juan Pablo Villarino said...


The book will soon be in English! o al of you will be able to get it signed... I will ship them worldwide!

Someone finding thi message in a few months can ask for news by writing me:



kamøløsø said...

Hi Juan Villarino!
i think, i will definetely get a signed book :)

i am going to write you soon...

take care!
best regards