Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bin Laden’s last dinner in Shahrak

As if I were surveying all sectors of Afghan society, after the doctors comes a bunch of teachers from Kabul. They are directing the training program for local teachers in Shahrak district, high in the mountains. On the way, already by night, we stop for dinner in a village, invited by the local teacher, who comes out in the dark, ghostly, with a lantern, to guide us through the unlit alleys of the village.

The long beards of those honorable men stand in the weak light provided by a gas bottle, inside of the cavernous room of the humble house. It would be easy to convince television audiences that what is really taking place is Bin Laden’s last dinner. Truth is I feel proud of having the chance to meet these men, that are really playing a role in changing their country from scratch through education. We finally make it to Shahrak, where I stay overnight in “Shahrak Education Management Office”.

Teachers receiving “lessons” from Bellow teachers arrived from Kabul to train them.

The morning of my departure from Shahrak Education Office, local teacher queue to test The Wizard, my backpack.

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