Tuesday, April 04, 2006


March 23rd, 2006 found me hitch-hiking between those cities in Iran. Four of the eight rides required consisted of Paykans.

In Qareh Chaman I got a ride in a Mercedes 608 truck. The driver and his son took me some 250 km, almost the way to Soltaniyeh.

From the truck I could see the Trans Asian Express, on its way from Ankara to Teheran.

Whatever it says, you get the message.

A man that sees me wandering the streets of Soltaniyeh at night offers me accommodation. In the picture you can see my host in his store of electric appliances.

Already on the way to Teheran, the following morning, this man offered me lunch and 20, 000 Iranian Rials (around 2 Euros)

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